Nine layers of H-ello 2019

Nine layers of Hell-O 2019, detail view
Image credit: Mitch Pinney

Nine layers of Hell-O

(an exercise in eating feelings)



Licorice Italian meringue

Blood and carob sponge

Coriander jelly

Eucalypt creme patissiere

Maraschino cherry jelly

Anchovy marshmallow


Indecisive ganache (orange, mint and coffee)

Egg, licorice, sugar, flour, gelatin, coriander, cream, rosewater, almond meal, vanilla, blood, butter, chocolate, maraschino cherry, fish sauce, citrus, mint, coffee, salt, eucalyptus sweets, foil card, plates, cutlery.

N.B. – not GF, V or Vegan, contains nuts

Dim:  variable

Envisioned as a microcosm of social anxiety in edible format, presented as part of 'Casita' hosted in a home environment.

Nine layers of Hell-O 2019, installation views 
Image credit: Mitch Pinney

Images: Jesse Thompson 

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